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Lunacy: 2 for 1 Unlimited Rides


Buy yourself a Lunacy Double Pass online and get two for one! Valid after 6pm.
Mini Money Mondays

Mini Mondays

Get sweet discounts on Unlimited Rides Passes on Mondays during NSW school term.
North Sydney Pool

Spin & Swim

Get free admission to the North Sydney Pool when you flash your Unlimited Rides Pass.


Funpark Favourites

  • What would a trip to the fun park be without fairy floss? This fairground favourite for young and old was invented by a dentist and a confectioner in 1897 and turned into a great business for both! Here at Luna Park we spin our candy in fluffy pink clouds and have it available in a range of outlets.

  • All the colours of the rainbow… all the flavours in the taste spectrum… all the willpower in the world can’t dim the deliciousness of an ice cream at Luna Park Sydney. Scoops’ parlour of icy exotic creams is always popular with Lunatics of all ages who love the mix of classic flavours and new-wave weirderies. Scoops Ice Creams: often licked… never beaten!

Food on the Go

  • A fresh and retro take away food outlet with old-school American burgers, Spit Roast Chicken fresh from the rotisserie and more! While also offering healthy menu options made fresh to order, the outlet caters to a variety of tastes including Halal and Gluten Free options.

    Helter Skelter

Sit & Enjoy

  • Panoramic views across the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and CBD make The Deck the most picturesque dining experience in Luna Park. With an extensive menu and a bar famed for its cocktails, wine list and interchanging beer taps, this is location feasting at its finest. Grab a table, charge your glasses, soak up those million dollar views… and enjoy!


    The Deck Sydney

The Deck




A firm favourite with both Park guests and destination diners who ferry over especially, The Deck is a gorgeous venue perfect for all occasions, be it romantic dinners, group dining or business lunches.

There’s a vast menu of share plates and drink options plus a variety of spaces to suit every mood: banquette lounges, cosy indoor nooks as well as terrace tables overlooking the Harbour.

Visit thedecksydney.com.au to find out more.

Sideshow Games

  • Basketball

  • Buster! Balloons

  • Crazy Crooners

  • Knockems

  • Shooting Gallery

  • Laughing Clowns

Basketball sideshow game


Find yourself dreaming of the final moments of the final game in the finals series coming down to one moment… it’s you, on the free-throw line, your friends watching on. Six shots at glory and you must nail all six to win. Oh yes, Luna Park’s Basketball is the stuff hoop dreams are made of…

Buster! Balloons sideshow game

Buster! Balloons

Sideshow Alley is a place of magic and illusion. It’s where Luna Park’s most notorious Funsters and Tricksters devise ever-more ingenious games of fun and skill. So keep your wits about you! And remember: Just because you see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Take Balloons – a simply named game with a simple premise: Throw a dart, pop a balloon, win a prize. But every pop comes with a surprise…

Crazy Crooners sideshow game

Crazy Crooners

Caruso, Pavarotti, Sinatra… Barnes. None of these great voices can compete with Luna Park Sydney’s famous ensemble, The Crooners. They’ve been singing a merry tune since the early days of Luna Park and there’s no shortage of people wanting to shut them up. Now it’s your turn. Shell out your clams and wait for the right moment to pop a ball in their gob and you might roll your way to cool prizes!

Knockems sideshow game


It seems so simple. It looks like a push-over. The spruiker did it... surely you can too? Luna Park’s Knockems are a fun-park challenge that has foiled even the straightest aim. Have you got a golden arm good enough to send the tower of cans tumbling and write your name into Sideshow Alley history? Grab a ball… spring-load that shoulder of yours… balance your stance… take careful aim… and Knockem down!

Shooting Gallery sideshow game

Shooting Gallery

Are you a sharp shooter in the making? If the answer is yes, then we’ve got the fun guns for you. Grab a posse of pals and join our happy hunting party... steady your nerves… level your gaze… take careful aim… and then twitch your trigger finger – Bang! Bang! Bang! – in a vainglorious attempt to beat your friends to 30 points and claim your share of the spoils.

Laughing Clowns sideshow game

Laughing Clowns

For almost 80 years, Luna Park’s clowns have been laughing long, loud and often. Why? Because to conquer our Clowns, and pluck a princely prize from the Lunatic wall of glory, requires a combination of high skill, daring, perfect timing and intense concentration. Can you pop a ball in the Clown’s cake-hole at the perfect time and line up a triumph? Or will the Clowns have the last laugh… again.

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