Family Rides

Dodgem City

Take the wheel of a Luna Park Sydney Dodgem Car, it is formula one for a rattling good time. Strap in solo or buddy up as a duo then race around the track, bumping and thumping your friends and fellow drivers along the way. Are you licensed to thrill? Then buckle up for fun!

Who Can ride:
Red with adult (18+): 85 - 106cm
Green with adult (18+): 106 - 132cm
Yellow: 132cm +


minutes pedal to the metal



volts of power



in control of the fun

Dodgem City Safety Requirements

Height Requirement: Yellow Riders (132cm+), Green Riders (106-132cm) can ride with an accomanying adult (18+) & Red Riders (85cm - 106cm) can ride with an adult companion (18+).
Ride Intensity: High
Body Position: Sit upright, unaided
To ride safely, you must not ride if you are subject to the following conditions:
Recent surgery, medication, illness.
Heart conditions
Broken bones or plaster casts
High blood pressure
Back or neck complaint
To drive a car, you should be able to:
1. Continuously grasp and maneuver the steering wheel with at least one upper extremity.
2. Continuously observe the track and other cars.
3. Meet the passenger requirements as outlined below.
To be a passenger, you should be able to:
Independently maintain yourself in an upright position while seated.
Absorb sudden, dramatic movements and bumping which may be experienced during the ride.
Possess sufficient upper body strength to keep your head upright during acceleration.


You are at risk of suffering personal injury arising from or in connection with your use of this ride. Injuries might include but are not limited to whiplash, abrasions, muscular strains, bruising, damage to teeth and broken bones. Injuries may arise from or be connected to sudden impacts with other cars, impact with the steering wheel, other participant’s use of the ride, incorrect use of ride, failure to follow instructions and the unforeseen failure or malfunction of the ride.
Parents or Guardians must evaluate these risks before permitting a person in their control or care to use the ride.
This constitutes a ‘risk warning’ for the purpose of section 5M of the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW).

Dodgem City Accessibility

Wheelchair accessible: Guests using wheelchairs will be required to transfer into the seat unit either independently or with the aid of a carer. 
Service animals allowed: This ride cannot accomodate service animals due to the nature of the experience. 





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