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    In 'Rebound,' your aim lands you a prize! Bounce the ball off the rebound board, aiming to land it perfectly inside the box without touching the foul lines. Nail that shot and claim your victory prize. It's all about precision and finesse at 'Rebound' – can you hit the mark and walk away with your reward?

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    Come get silly with our famous clowns! This Luna Park classic will have you playing over and over with the family!

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    Lobster Pot

    Try your luck at the Lobster Pot! Where accuracy and finesse will be put to the test as you take aim for the biggest prizes. The goal is simple, land 2 balls in the bucket and walk away with the ultimate prize... however, executing this is easier said than done!

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    Spin The Wheel

    Step right up to the excitement of Spin The Wheel! Take your chance at the spinning wheel of fortune to see if luck favours you today. With prizes ranging from small to giant, each spin holds the promise of something fantastic!

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    Step up to Luna Park Sydney’s Basketball! Sink a single shot to grab a prize in this exciting carnival game. Test your aim, score big, and seize your victory at Basketball – where one shot in the basket makes you a winner!

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    Balloon Pop

    Welcome to 'Balloon Pop,' where every pop leads to a prize! It's simple: pop a balloon, claim a prize. But here's the twist – the more balloons you pop, the bigger your prize grows! Stack up multiple plays to accumulate your popped balloons and aim for those larger-than-life rewards. Gather your popping prowess and watch your prizes inflate as you burst your way to victory at Balloon Pop!

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    Pyramid Smash

    Get ready for 'Pyramid Smash,' where toppling towers means winning prizes! Your mission: knock down the entire pyramid of cans off the table using just two balls. It's a test of precision and power! Score a direct hit, send those cans flying, and claim your victory prize. Aim true, topple the pyramid, and secure your reward at 'Pyramid Smash'!

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    Hi Striker

    Welcome to Hi Striker, where raw strength meets carnival fun! Grab the hammer and give it your all to strike the plate and claim victory. Hit the plate with all your might and watch as your skill earns you a fantastic prize. Show off your power and precision for a chance to win big!

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    Hook A Duck

    At 'Hook a Duck,' every catch leads to a prize. It's a game of skill and strategy: hook a duck and reveal its number. Collect multiple ducks and add up their numbers for a shot at bigger prizes. The higher the total, the grander the reward! Combine your plays to rack up those numbers and aim for the ultimate prize haul at 'Hook a Duck'!

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    Crazy Crooners

    Feed the Crooners' in this game of skill, tally up the numbers, and if your total matches a winning number, claim your prize. Take your shot and aim for that winning total at 'Crooners'—will luck be on your side?



Due to our varying ride height rules, we use a colour system to determine which rides you can ride on. Red Riders require a guardian to ride with them. Green riders can ride various rides alone and many with a guardian. You can filter by colour on the rides page.